ME Seminar, 2012 Summer

Friday, 14:50-16:20
Hongo Campus, Engineering Bldg. 2, Room 309 Room 31-B
Mechanical Engineering Department, School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo


Masayuki Nakao

Jean-Jacques Delaunay

Junichiro Shiomi

Kenji Iino
Teaching Assistants

Yutaro Iwasa

Ryota Nakabayashi

Date Contents
July 6 Now we learned that we need to do something to raise our level of English.

But, how?

Studying a language is nothing but memorizing words and expressions until you find yourself at a certain level. Once you are over the hill, studying English turns fun. We will discuss an open tool for the students of ME Seminar so you can open an account and, hopefully, find some enjoyment in using it during your school days.
June 29 Guest Speaker: Lucy Craft, CBS Tokyo Correspondent
Topic: TBA
Room 221 A.K.A. 22B
        Lucy Craft is a CBS correspondent. CBS is one of the Big 3 broadcasting
        networks in the US. Fluent in Japanese as well, she has written a number
        of articles for Nikkei BP, Tech-on.
        She also writes articles for American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE).
CBS News Article
CBS News Video
Nikkei BP Tech-On! Article (Search "Lucy" after the page opens)
ASEE Article: "Japan's Slow-Moving Tide"
10. June 22
Students who have not introduced his/her colleague to the class will come up and discuss:
  • The mind process of designing the contest solution
  • What is different and what are the same with other solutions
  • How he/she will build the next one

  • Words learned
    鉛筆 ⇒ Pencil
    カッターナイフ ⇒ Utility Knife
    5mm 丸棒 ⇒ Diameter 5mm wooden stick
    タコ糸 ⇒ Cooking String
    セロテープ ⇒ Scotch Tape
    パネルボード ⇒ Styrofoam

    The Winner



    9. June 15
    Contest: The one with the longest reach

    14:50-15:00 Results of teamology questionnaire
               Contest rultes
    15:00 Start building
    16:00 Stop building
    16:00 The game begins!
                Each groups gets three trials.
                Each group must set up the system and complete their trials within 5 minutes.
                Comformance to rules will be voted by the remaining three groups.

    8. June 8
    The students took the Teamology questionnaire to analyze their psyche. The following figures show the overall distribution. Note the small presence of Fe types.

    The students on their own, formed 4 gourps to compete in the following contest to take place June 15.

    Contest rule:
    You have
    • 590mm x 840mm x 8mm styrofoam board, 1 each.
    • DIA. 5mm round wooden stick, 890mm long, 1 each.
    • Small roll of scotch tape with plastic case, 1 each.
    • DIA. 1mm cooking string, 200mm long, 1 each.
    • 2B pencil, 1 each.
    • Utility knife, 1 each.
    Build a system that moves a part by the longest distance. The longest horizontal distance traveled by a point of the system defines the longest distance.

    The following restrictions apply:
    • Slope and vehicle are typical but you may build different solutions.
    • Highest point of slope itself can be no higher than 350mm off the floor. Different components can go higher.
    • Slope is where the vehicle (or part with the point of longest distance, or an assembly that contains the part with the point) makes contact.
    • Only source of energy is gravity, e.g., you may not use elastic energy in the stick.
    • Additionally, the space you may use is restricted to room 31B in Eng. Bldg. 2.

    .... and, here are the contestants. Good luck!

    7. June 1
    Exercise 3: Presenting Your Work   J.J. Delaunay

    1. Takeichi Lab

    3. Team God MAENO

    2. Team Satan BOSE

    4. Team Guilty

    6. May 25
    Exercise 3: Presenting Your Work   J.J. Delaunay

    Basic training in reading and presenting scientific publications
    6. May 16
    (Wed, moved from 5/18 Fri)
    Exercise 3: Presenting Your WorkJunichiro Shiomi

    Groups Animal, Relakuma, God Maeno, Kokubun, and one other (sorry I forgot the name) will presents their concepts for measuring, Young's Modulus, temperature in a vacuum chamber, or drag on a floating linear motor car.
    5. May 11 Fundamentals of Presenting Your Work, Junichiro Shiomi


    Correction: The word "quadratic" for a degree 2 polynomial comes from the Latin word "quadra" meaning square, not because a typical expression for a quadratic function has four terms. Sorry guys, I had it wrong [Kenji].
    4. April 27    ⇒ Slides From "Friends" Series 1, Episode 2
    “ . . . this sonogram thing . . "→超音波画像とかいうもの
          1. What to do when you come across an unfamiliar word?
            ⇒ 語を分解、sonogram → sono(音) + gram(図示するもの)
          2. “… thing …” , remember from episode 1
            “I'm supposed to attach a brackety thing to the side things, using . . .”
    31:27 “ . . had a thing for …”→ちょっと惚れていた
    32:09 “ . . take some of the heat off me.”→自分への攻撃を和らげる
    36:08 “. . he may be this broken shell of a man . . ”→人間の抜け殻になっているかもよ

    Creativity Education, -an American Thing
    "Conceptual Blockbusting" by James Adams
    "Unlocking Personal Creativity" by David Thornburg
    "Thinkertoys" byMichael Michalko

    Placement 1: Speaking
    Introduce your partner to the class.

    Shun Tsujimura & Ryota Nakabayashi

    Shota Terashita & Hiroshi Matsuoka

    Teppei Ogawa & Keigo Otsuka


    3. April 20    ⇒ Slides Let's have fun listening to English!
    Expressions for today
    "Of course, it was a line!"→作り話に決まってるじゃないか
    "Give her a break"→勘弁してあげてよ
    ". . being on your own . . "→(経済的に)独立していること
    "It sucks!"→ひどいところよ!
    "I had a major crush on you"→すごく惚れてたんだ
    ". . . geeky older brother"→オタクなお兄さん

    Tips in writing English-like English
    1. このプログラムでナノ構造の設計や表面・界面における興味深い現象について貴重な知識や経験を得られると考えられ,またこれらは私の今後の研究に役立つでしょう.
      This program will provide me with valuable knowledge and experience in nano-structure designs and new phenomena at their surfaces and interfaces. These knowledge and experience will prove useful for my future research.
    2. 太陽電池はコスト低減だけでなく,効率向上が望まれている.
      People expect solar cells to improve efficiency in addition to reduce cost.
    Placement 1: Speaking
    Introduce your partner to the class.

    Teni Koh & Kazuya Sasaguchi

    Yutaro Uzumi & Yuko Takadera

    2. April 13 Let's have fun listening to English!
    From Series 1, Episode 1 of Friends
    "it hit me"→気が付いた
    "stop hitting on her"→この娘をひっかけようとするのやめなさいよ
    "Buzz him in"→(ブザーを押して)彼を入れてあげて
    "Grab a spoon"→その気になる

    Tips in writing English-like English
    Let's translate:
    The machine fell and broke when the earthquake hit because it was set on a high place.

    We postponed the EV, mounted with the solar battery, development by 6 months.
    (or better yet) We postponed the EV development by 6 months. This EV had the solar battery mounted on it.

    Placement 1: Speaking
    Introduce your partner to the class. The first 4 teams.

    Tomonori Kaneko & Tomohiro Kobayashi

    Eiji Suzuki & Kazuki Maeda

    Kazunari Takeichi & Kazuki Ogasawara

    Satoru Okawa & Shunsuke Maeno

    1. April 6 Opening Remarks: What to expect from this seminar (Kenji).

    Guest Speaker: Kiichi Fukui, Prof., Osaka University
    Laboratory of Dynamic Cell
    Topic: 世界最下位の英語力からの脱却を目指して: 専門英語教育の取り組み
            Aiming at our escape from the world's worst English level.
            -Our English education in special fields.