ME Seminar, 2013 Summer

Friday, 14:50-16:20
Hongo Campus, Engineering Bldg. 2, Room 31-B
Mechanical Engineering Department, School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo


Masayuki Nakao

Jean-Jacques Delaunay

Junichiro Shiomi

James Cannon

Kenji Iino
Teaching Assistant

Aldo (Renaldo Rasfuldi)

Purpose: Students, in their junior year, have already studied English words and phrases typical to mechanical engineering. This course enhances the ability of quickly composing natural English sentences when needed. The students will learn basic sentences through repetition and then towards the second half, define their own projects. The final presentation expects students to explain the problem statement, analysis, and how they will give a solution to the project. The course offers skills in discussing topics with foreign engineers and the output type assignment will enhance the students’ ability and attitude towards active discussion.
4/5 Special Lecture, Fukui-Sensei (Osaka Univ.) [HW1: 5min presentation about your lab.]
4/19 Iino, Nakao, Introduction to Class
      Present about your lab that you just joined
      Entertainment Engineering,
4/26 Iino, Nakao, Study of Failure [HW2: 3min presentation about your personal failure w/ sketch]
      Air France 447, Airbus Accident
5/ 1(Wed.) EngBldg2-309 Iino, Nakao, Project Announcement
      Group Formation, Teamology
5/10 Shiomi/Cannon, Iino, Mathematical Expressions (may change) [HW3]
5/24 Shiomi/Cannon, Presenting papers (may change)
5/31 Iino, Nakao, Present your failure experience.
6/7 Iino, Nakao, Design Creativity
6/14 Delaunay, Iino, Basic training in reading and presenting scientific publications [HW4]
6/21 Iino, Nakao, Design Creativity 2
6/28 Delaunay, Iino, Exercises involving reading and presenting scientific publications
7/5 Iino, Nakao, Effective Engineering Presentation in English
7/16(Tue.) EngBldg2-309 Iino, Nakao, Project Group Presentation and Evaluation
Date Contents
June 21 Iino Defining Your Project Goal
Visual Thinking
June 14 Prof. Delaunay Basic training in reading and presenting scientific publications
Class Slides: Click Here for Slides [PW required]

Homework 4: Pick a letter from the list below and prepare a 10 minute, 5 slide powerpoint presentation for next week. (ind. or grp. presentation).

Suspended microchannel resonators for biomolecular detection, T. P. Burg and and S. R. Manalis, 2003
Ultrasensitive mass sensing using mode localization in coupled microcantilevers, M. Spletzer et al., 2006
Optical Tuning of Coupled Micromechanical Resonators, H. Okamoto et al., 2009
Due June 28th during class
June 7
Personality Types
Found the class's personality types with Doug Wilde's questionnaire.

Project Announcement
Decided to form a single group for the whole class.
The class will gallantly challenge the James Dyson Award.

Jian saves a lady by slamming himself into a glass wall.
[PW required]

May 31 Presentation
Present your failure case. Make sure that you have your transcript checked by the TA or instructor.

Project Announcement

My Failure Experience
The download may take a few seconds.

Yoshimura burnt rice in a rice cooker
[PW required]

Oshima played baseball in Tokyo Dome, got drunk, and almost got run over by a train
[PW required]

Gen rode his bike in heavy rain to catch a cold
[PW required]

Kida got flattened by a big guy
[PW required]

May 24 Shiomi, Cannon Session 2

Team 1
Team 2
Dr. Rabbit's tip of the day: How would you read out large equations. You know that simply reading it can be interpreted in different ways.
Say you need to tell someone over the phone that your equation is the one below:
Vout = ΔRVin
2(2R + ΔR)
Here we go: I have an equation. Its left hand side is Vout, and it is equated to a large coefficient multiplied to Vin. The coefficient is a fraction with a numerator ΔR. The denominator of the faction is 2 times a quantity, where the quantity is R doubled added with ΔR.
⇓⇓The May 1 presentations are up⇓⇓
Read the comments for each presentation. There are some useful tips.
May 10 Math, graph, units and more. . . James Cannon

Dr. Rabbit's tip of the day: Although you studied the word over and over during your junior year, you seem to have forgotten the word "convective heat transfer." Remember the word "convection" with its verb "convey." It is probably not so hard to remind yourself when you visualize what a "Belt Conveyor" is.

Remember "heat gets conveyed with the flow in convective heat transfer."

Math Expressions

Click to enlarge [PW required]


Click to enlarge [PW required]


Click to enlarge [PW required]

Homework 3: Pick a project from the following 4 options and present it during next class on the 24th (Group project).
Prepare questions to ask the other team.

Due May 24th during class
May 1 Introduction to Design Thinking
Motivation: Why we need to learn different expressions in English
   The same meaning but in different words make a difference.
   The Power of Words -clip from youtube

Design thinking
   for building creative confidence, being empathetic, and how to have impact on the world Bootcamp: The Student Experience
   transcript[PW required]

Let's get to know your classmates
The download may take a few seconds.

Tsuji about Hyogo
[PW required]

Shinatni about Fukuoka
[PW required]

Oshima about ???
[PW required]

Shohara about Suzhou
[PW required]

Kida about Kamogawa
[PW required]

   Five steps of design, empathise, define, ideate, build, and test
   class handout[PW required]
April 26 Study of Failure
Case 1: US Airway 1549, Miracle on the Hudson River. Jan. 15, 2009
Case 2: Air France Flight 447 on June 1, 2009, on its way from Galeao International Airport in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to Charles de Gaulle International Airport in Paris, France, crashed into the Atlantic Ocean, killing all 216 passengers and 12 aircrew.
Watch the Air France Flight 447 Clip on Youtube
Here is another detailed clip if you are interested.
Quality Assurance: Stress Testing is not sufficient [Case Boeing 787].
Comparing quantities: greater than, no less than, positive, non-negative, . .
Effective knowledge transfer stimulates the right brain

Hand Outs: Click Here for Slides [PW required]
Hand Outs: Click Here for Transccript of Video [PW required]

Homework 2: Describe a failure experience of yourself or someone close to you. You will make a 3 minute presentation. Write out all the sentences you will say.
Add a hand-drawn sketch that describes the experience without text.
Make use of office hours (apointment: kiino★ to check your language.
Due May 31st at beginning of class
April 19 Entertainment Engineering
Introduce your lab (click the image to open video [PW required])

Hand Out: Click Here [PW required]

Michael Jackson and "Beat It!" w/ Eddie Van Halen.
   The song is not about being a tough guy. It is about wisely fleeing a conflict.

David Lee Roth and "California Girls"
   The magic of M&M's chocolate.
   How to address people, male and female.

Cirque du Soleil's "KÀ"
   Watch the Extreme Engineering Clip on Youtube
   Using active sentences " - - consists of - -"
   Quantifying in English "five 10-foot rods"

April 5 Lecture by Prof. Kiichi Fukui (Osaka University)
「英国人ニテモ普通ノモノハ accent ヲ間違ヘタリ、pronunciation ヲ取違ヘタリスル事目珍シカラズ、 日本人ハ無理カラヌ事ナリ、然シ日本人ノ英語ハ大体ニ於イテ頗ルマヅシ、調子ガノラヌ変則流ナリ、 折角ノ学問見識モ是ガ為ニ減茶減茶ニ見ラルルナリ」

Homework 1: Prepare a 5 minute presentation of the lab you just joined.
Due April 19th during class.